28 Day Programme

28 Day Programme
Our mission for the 28-Day Programe isn’t just to transform your look but to transform your outlook on training and food.
Wouldn’t you love to look in the mirror and see a new and improved you from 28 days of consistent focus?
We’re not just talking about how much weight you’ll lose or how your clothes will fit much better.
We mean the smile, the inner confidence and the high energy levels you’ll begin to radiate as you become proud of the changes you’ve made.
Make a start on your transformation and join us!
✅ A full body composition assessment using the only InBody270 Machine, which highlights the areas you need to work on. Both at the start and at the end of the 28 days.
✅ Access to 28 weekly Classes at IFZ Studio
✅ A nutrition plan which will reveal how you can put down bland food choices with over 500 recipes to choose from
✅ A Weekly check-in at IFZ to make sure any queries you have are answered to keep you focused in the 28 days
✅ A final Check in to build a stepping stone to continue your success from the last 28 days and make it part of your everyday life
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