40 Day Programme

40 Day Programme
Starting Tuesday 1st of November
 ‼️ 40 Day Challenge ‼️
Want to finish the year off feeling good? Maybe you want to look amazing for Christmas!
We’re not just talking about how much weight you’ll lose or how your clothes will fit much better.
We mean the smile, the inner confidence and the high energy levels you’ll begin to radiate as you become proud of the changes you’ve made.
For only €80 for 40 days you'll receive 30 weekly classes at IFZ Studio, full nutritional support, daily support and a full InBody scan (worth €50 alone)
We bring you Dublin's finest Trainers to give you the best experience and create efficient, results-driven classes. Each of our sessions is unique and relaxed, somewhere you can work out and fit right in. No pressure. No attitude. Just hard work and Fun.
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