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Located in Palmerstown Business park, Insanity Fit Zone is a community founded on the pursuit of collective self-improvement, not perfection. Our mission is to make working out the highlight of your day. We make fitness fun, effective, innovative & simple, free from the usual gym stigmas & personas. Pay-as-you-go or commit – we have something for you


Mark Lacey

Personal fitness coach, Gym owner, and Qualified chef

About Mark

I believe you should understand everything we teach so you’re able to take what I teach and use these skills for the rest of your life.

Nutrition plays a vital role in our physical, mental, and emotional health so my aim is to provide you with the tools necessary to create positive nutritional habits that align with both your short and long term goals. Knowledge is power and we want to give you the tools to help achieve your physical, mental and athletic goal.

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Dylan Duffy

Revolution Performance

About Dylan

I believe that you should have a physical goal, may it be fat loss, strength training, or running… just something to work towards.

I believe that in order to achieve that goal you should take the dieting and training protocols seriously. But never to the point where it takes over your life… the main focus should be around enjoyment. So that you’re excited about going to the gym after a 9-5pm shift, then looking forward to your dinner because you know how to include foods you like instead of dreading them both.

I believe in keeping up to date with the latest research in training and nutritional sciences and I will always adapt my methods to that new literature.

I have worked with 100s of clients ranging from semi-professional athletes, fat loss, lean muscle gain and transformation

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ZDN Fitness

About Darragh
As the owner of ZDN Fitness, Darragh has worked with professional athletes, people who have never trained before and everything in between. No matter how big or small your goals are, Darragh has the experience and knowledge to support and guide you along your fitness journey. He believes that training should be challenging yet enjoyable and rewarding. Darragh will push and encourage you to get the results that you are striving towards.
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Rocket Fitness

About Linda
Hi my name is Linda; I’m driven by the passion to help others achieve lasting changes, I feel with them changes can come amazing results. I am currently the only Female personal trainer with insanityfitzone .  
Just a little insight into me, I am an adventure enthusiast I have completed 
  • Dublin marathon  
  • Kilimanjaro  
  • Mount Everest base camp  
  • 3 Peaks
Just to name just a few…
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Grace Kennedy


About Grace

I’m a qualified fitness instructor since 2005… my qualifications consists of group instruction, trx, Zuu and the latest Hiitstep….I am driven by my passion for fitness to help people in succeeding and reaching their goals…aswell as my passion for fitness I have a huge love for running which I took up when I was 14 years old and am a long-term member of Donore Harriers running club.

I have completed a number of road and cross country races aswell as marathons and my major goal is to break 3 hours..

I have been teaching classes at insanity fit zone for nearly 5 years and love seeing clients improve their fitness and see their transformation as playing a part in this process is an achievement in itself. I always put time and dedication into my class plans which results in motivating the clients to get the best full body workout and most of all enjoying the training sessions…

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We bring you Dublin’s finest Trainers to give you the best experience and create efficient, results-driven classes. Each of our spaces are unique and relaxed, somewhere that you can work out and fit right in. No pressure. No attitude. Just hard work and Fun. 

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